Implementation of construction projects

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Implementation of construction projects

Since 1997, “RAHBORJ” Co. has developed a professional work force in the construction field all over the country, with a vision for prosperity and well-being of the people. With the help of the professional expert team, our company has been engaged in engineering for more than 2 decades pursuing productivity, increasing technical and engineering capabilities and establishing an intelligent system, in order to fulfill its goals with good will.

Since establishment, our company has worked on the construction of buildings for the honorable employees of Iran. Since 1998, we have built several schools throughout the country for students of different grades. The construction of these schools which are completely safe, resistant to earthquake and built by the best materials in the market, were completed according to the schedules. Since 2003, we have built dormitories for boarding schools across the country.

“RAHBORJ” Co. has proudly extended full cooperation with state organizations such as Department of Commerce, Tax Affairs Organization, Tehran Registration Department, etc. and within the last 5 or 6 years, has carried out operations such as full reconstruction, building and full facility construction, etc. in approximately 30 buildings related to tax affairs in Tehran city and Tehran province.

Also, since 2018, we have been engaged in design and construction of luxury projects across the country, which has immortalized the name of our company with its unique designs.

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